Eco Friendly Builder in Cambridge.

DJ Reynolds Builders have a passion to operate at the forefront and become the main contractor with the delivery of a range of Eco friendly, high quality, low energy, zero carbon, sustainable homes and buildings constructed the correct standard. For home owners, commercial, social housing groups and communities, we provide a one-stop-shop for a complete design & build service. For architects and others we act as main contractor.

Eco Friendly

We specialise in providing low energy, carbon/ECO friendly building solutions from the ground up:

Schools / Universities
Nursing Homes
Public Buildings

Tips for green living

Switch to energy saving bulbs

These bulbs cost PS3, and last up to eight times as long as ordinary bulbs. You can save PS7 per year by replacing an old 100W light bulb with a green 20W bulb. This may not seem like much until you count up all the bulbs in your eco-friendly home.


You can save PS110 per year by installing the recommended 270mm loft insulation. A third of your home's heat is lost through walls if it was built after 1920. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate for new insulation or upgrading your existing. Install an insulating cover on your hot-water tank. It should only cost PS10 and yet, if all of the UK installed one, carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 0.45million tonnes (source: Centre for Sustainable energy). Fit another tank jacket over your existing one. It's not just about you, but also what we can all do to make our home eco-friendly.

Any gaps should be draught-proofed

You can save money by using draught excluders, such as weather strips, draught exclusion brushes, long lined curtains, but don't use them to cover radiators. Also, fabric "sausages", which are placed at the bottom of doors, will help keep out draughts. You can save around PS20 a year by draught-proofing your windows and doors.

Fit energy efficient doors

It is important to choose energy efficient products when replacing doors and windows. The U-Values are published by most manufacturers for their windows and doors. This is the rate at which heat escapes through the surface of the product. Green technology is a term used to describe eco-friendly products that are widely available. We are responsible for making eco-homes energy efficient.

Double glazing

DJ Reynolds offers a variety of double-glazed windows, including period sash window replacements for homes in conservation areas or listed buildings. Energy Saving Recommended windows are the most energy efficient for eco housing and the first step to green living.

Save Water

Around 40 percent of the water consumed in the home each day is wasted. This can be reduced by using a low-flow toilet, while recycling rainwater for mains water use can reduce it in half.

Trap the Sun

Photovoltaic panels (PVs) can directly convert the energy of the sun into electricity. It is an expensive way to go green, but in the end, it will be worth it.